Should you care about unsubscribes? 👋🏼

The short answer is no, not really. You’ll know when there is something to genuinely worry about.

Great, that was an easy post today, see you all tomorrow. 😉

Not quite cutting it? Ok, I’ll give my longer answer.

The way I look at unsubscribes is as follows: you can’t be all things to all people.

You’ll never keep everyone happy and attempting to do so is a fool’s errand.

People unsubscribe for all manner of reasons, some are in your control but most of them are not.

Ultimately if someone unsubscribes, it means they are no longer interested in your content/products/services.

Unless you have dramatically changed something, this happens. It’s part and parcel of email marketing.

Assuming nothing significant has changed, ask yourself, what can you do about it?

The answer unfortunately is nothing.

If they are happy to unsubscribe, they weren’t going to buy anything from you anyway.

Don’t lose any sleep about it. Concentrate on creating engaging content for the audience which is still there.

The key thing I look at with our panel is the engagement rate. What’s the open rate percentage? Has the CTR changed?

If these numbers change drastically it’s a bigger issue for eOpinion than unsubscribes.

The only time to worry about your unsubscribers is if you see an abnormal spike.

I suspect if this is the case though, you will know the reason for it very quickly.

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‘Mostly’ documenting the journey/learnings of growing my company. #BuildInPublic. Further details can be found at

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Chris Hutchings

Chris Hutchings

‘Mostly’ documenting the journey/learnings of growing my company. #BuildInPublic. Further details can be found at

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