Having a bad day? ๐Ÿคฌ

We all have them.

And with everything happening in the world at the moment, maybe youโ€™re having more than usual.

Trying to grow a business at the best of times can all get a bit much.

Iโ€™m prone to letting a frustrating hour, bad day or slow week have too much headspace, and forgetting the bigger picture.

We all know progress isnโ€™t linear, thereโ€™s going to be plenty of ups and downs.

The key thing I try to remember when I see the red mist on the horizon is perspective.

Over the short timeframe, things might be a challenge.

But longer term, we are moving in the right direction, as these bitcoin charts so effectively show.

Life is an emotional roller coaster, keep things in perspective and itโ€™ll all work out.

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