Hi everyone, a relatively short round-up for you this week.

Things have been busy and productive since last weeks report.

Apologies if it was a little sombre, that wasn’t the intention. I think it came across worse than it was.

I had a few concerned people get in touch but…

Some of you may have noticed that there was no round-up last week.

I know there would have been immense disappointment while eating your roast dinners and creme eggs and for that, I apologise.

The bank holiday weekend got the better of me a bit, I was away from home…

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind.

One minute it was Monday morning. A packed week ahead of me, lots of things to get done and the next thing I knew, the drinks trolley was being wheeled into the home office, and it was Friday afternoon.

Despite not…

Today is my 30th daily blog post in a row.

Even typing that feels a bit strange, but as I come to the end of #ship30for30 I’ve been reflecting a lot on the last few weeks.

Firstly, I’m very surprised that I didn’t miss a single day.

Don’t get me…

On the whole, this week has been a good week. 😀

Early on in the week the news agenda was focusing heavily on Harry & Meghan and also International Women’s day.

In situations where the news is like this, I find myself a little conflicted.

I know from a growth…

We all have them.

And with everything happening in the world at the moment, maybe you’re having more than usual.

Trying to grow a business at the best of times can all get a bit much.

I’m prone to letting a frustrating hour, bad day or slow week have too much headspace, and forgetting the bigger picture.

We all know progress isn’t linear, there’s going to be plenty of ups and downs.

The key thing I try to remember when I see the red mist on the horizon is perspective.

Over the short timeframe, things might be a challenge.

Chris Hutchings

Founder at eOpinion. Further details can be found at https://chrishutchings.online

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